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"The One Career Mistake That'll Set You Back $500,000" by Lydia Dishman,, November 2012

"Coping with a Job Counteroffer" by Kaivan Mangouri, Arizona Republic Newspaper Business Section, April 10, 2011

"Remember Discretion During Job Search" by Lee Miller, New Jersey Star Ledger / Huffington Post, September 5, 2010

"Corporate America vs Corporate You: Who Will Win?" by Kristy Johnson, Shepreneur Magazine, August 2010 (Page One of Article)

"Corporate America vs Corporate You: Who Will Win?" by Kristy Johnson, Shepreneur Magazine, August 2010 (Page Two of Article)

"The Hunt is On: Persistance is Key to Finding Career in 2010 " by Lisa Schryver, Tribune Newspapers, December 31, 2009

"Career Gaps: How to Explain Time Out of Work" by Andrew Johnson, Arizona Republic, November 22, 2009

"Resume Help for the Unemployed," by Kim Isaacs,, October 2009

"HD Resume: Making Things Crystal Clear,"(sole expert contributor) by Rachel Zupek, /, July 2009

"How Would You Like to Make $6 Million Sitting on Your Couch?" by Tamara Schweitzer,, January 2009

"11 Businesses You Can Start In Your Pajamas," (Slide Show to Accompany Article Above) by Tamara Schweitzer,, January 2009

"25 Ways To Sabotage Your Career," by Anthony Balderrama,,,, June 2008

"No Experience, No Problem," by Katie Ford,, June 2008

"13 Most Overused Resume Phrases," by Rachel Zupek,,, and, December 2007 / January 2008

"Getting Hired Guide - Score Your Dream Job; excerpt: Write a Killer Resume," by Michelle Roberts, Working Mother Magazine, February 2008

"Modernizing Your Resume for Today's Job Market," by Kristen Fischer, Talent, February 2008

"How To Ask for Resume Critique," by Kim Isaacs,, February 2007

"Put Negative Resume Feedback to Work," by Kim Isaacs,, February 2007

"How To Apply For A Job Online," by Tara Weiss,,, October 20, 2006

"Resumes: Just the Facts, please," by Claire Bush, Careerbuilder, Arizona Republic, March 26, 2006

"Lying on Resume may lead to trouble," by Michelle Reese, Tribune, January 18, 2006

"Attire too sexy? Employers can ban it," by Carol Kleiman, Syndicated Columnist for the Chicago Tribune, March 3, 2004

"Create your personal brand, then learn to sell it," by Michelle Reese, Tribune, April 3, 2005

Do Research When Asking for a Raise, by Michelle Reese, Tribune, May 22, 2005

"Sharing Your Digits," by Amy Schurr, Network World, February 17, 2004

"Recruiters keep watch for 'perfect' candidates," by Michelle Reese, Tribune, October 2, 2005

"Chandler Woman Adept at Balancing," by Luci Scott, Arizona Business Gazette, February 5, 2004

"Something to Click Her Heels About: Professional Resume Writer Wins Ruby Slipper Award," by Sandy Larson, Home-Based Magazine, May 1, 2004

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