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Career Assessments

Career Assessment

Do you think your unique personality might mean the difference between success or failure in a career? Are you working in a job you hate?

There are certain personality traits which lend themselves to certain careers. Our assessment offers a profile of your personality and details positions in which you would excel from the Governments Occupational Titles Handbook. Perfect for Career Changers or College Students!

Our career assessment investment includes a one hour interpretation of the results and in-depth analysis of your best career choice.

Here is what our satisfied Career Assessment clients have to say...

"That assessment was right on target. I can't believe that it was so accurate. Thanks to that test, I got a job working in management and love it! I am so glad you suggested I take it because I might still be working in the job that I hated." M.C., Manager, Phoenix, AZ

"After working so many years in Clinical Trial Management, your assessment helped me to see that the job was slowly killing me. I have taken that information, along with the new resume and cover letter and landed a job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. Thank you so much for helping me to see the rut I was stuck in." S.K., Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Princeton, NJ

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