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Military Personnel Resumes

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Military Transition or Promotion Resumes

The Write Resume values our Military Service Men and Women, and we thank you every day for defending our freedom and way of life!!

Military Transition

Military Personnel are in a unique position. Translating "military ease" into "corporate speak" is a very challenging and daunting task. Will the Hiring Manager understand the terms "mission critical", "deployment", "taskings" or "theater of operations?" Many Hiring Managers have never served in the military, so communicating what you have done in a way that "transfers" to the corporate world is paramount.

The Write Resume specializes in transferring these terms into "corporate ease" that will be understandable to the typical Hiring Manager. Your contributions and achievements gained from serving and defending our country are transformed into practical terminology. Let The Write Resume help you transition to Civilian Employment with an outstanding Military Transition resume!

Military Promotion

Are you promoting up through the ranks? Are you communicating your value to the individuals up the Chain of Command?

So, why are we different than every other resume writing company?

Here are five valuable reasons why we should be your resume writing choice:

  • You will work one-on-one with a Certified Professional Resume Writer and former Fortune 500 Hiring Manager.
  • We will be your success partner throughout your job search, customizing your resume and related job search tools to your specific career field and position level.
  • Our approach is custom-tailored for each client. We only prepare the documents that you will need for your job search, we never have you fill out a resume questionnaire form and we do not use templates.
  • We ensure your success by offering a 100% guarantee.
  • We have been in the resume writing business for more than 22 years. This is not a "hobby" for us. We spend a great deal of time educating ourselves about the trends in the employment market, in addition to partnering with Human Resource Professionals and Recruiters through memberships in various organizations. This helps you, as our client, because we have a direct line to the people that will be hiring you!

Your investment in your career includes:

  • A thorough one-hour telephone consultation where we get to know you and your career goals - no forms to fill out.
  • A uniquely designed resume with your specific qualifications and accomplishments - no templates!
  • A follow-up phone call for revisions.
  • Your resume in MS Word or .pdf format for instant use!
  • A 100% guarantee! If you do not receive an interview within 60 days, we will rewrite your resume FREE!

Here is what our satisfied Military Transition clients have to say...

"I was afraid that my military experience would not transfer to any job in the corporate world. You gave me the confidence that my skills really did transfer. Bringing out my management abilities, in addition to my budgeting and communication skills, made a world of difference. I was able to get a job as a Manager with a Fortune 500 company. My hat is off to you!" J.T., Manager - New York, NY

"You really do understand how a military person can make the transition to a civilian job. I am amazed that you took my military background and put together a resume that focused on all the skills I had coming out of the military. I really appreciate the great work you did!" S.W., Logistics Manager - Pensacola, FL

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