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Something to Click Her Heels About: Professional Resume Writer Wins Ruby Slipper Award

By Sandi Larson
Home-Based Magazine
May 1, 2004

When Kathy Sweeney, Arizona-based certified professional resume writer and employment consultant, found out about the 2004 Ruby Slipper Award, she did not hesitate to apply. After all, the national award was specifically designed to acknowledge the significant contributions of home-based businesses like hers.

"I wanted to apply because I believe that home-based businesses are a prevalent force in the economy and deserved some recognition," reflects Kathy, who started The Write Resume in 1987. "I wanted to also share with others that you can be successful with a home-based business that having an outside office does not necessarily mean success."

In January of 2004, Kathy was selected by an independent judging panel to receive the prestigious award. Janet Drez, owner of the home-based business consulting firm A Perfect Solution and creator of the award, presented Kathy with a hand-crafted ruby slipper at the awards ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona, and treated Kathy to a hot air balloon ride.

"Kathy is a shining example of all that home-based businesses can achieve. She's made her business successful over the long haul and balances her business with two young children," remarks Janet, who developed the award to reflect her belief that "there's no place like home" for home-based business owners.

Having spent several years working outside of the home as a Hiring Manager for two Fortune 500 companies, Kathy wholeheartedly agrees with Janet's philosophy.

The greatest advantages to working from home include the flexibility to work when I want, to be home with my children, and the decrease in overhead from renting a traditional office, comments Kathy, who conducts all of her business over the phone or via the Internet.

But, working from home is not the only secret behind the Ruby Slipper Award winners success. I am successful in my business because my clients are successful.

"For me, it is not always about the money although I have to support my family," shares Kathy. "It is about helping others to be successful, because in the long run, I feel that by giving my knowledge to others, they can be productive and feel good about themselves."

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