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Getting Hired Guide - Working Mother Magazine

By Michelle Roberts
Working Mother Magazine
February 2008

Excerpt from full article:

Write a killer resume

A resume has one function: to land you an interview. And experts agree that the way to wow potential employers is to be sure you have the basics covered.

Make your resume easy to read: a vertical format, not too much bold or underlining, plenty of white space.

Keep it specific to the industry and don't include a lot of extraneous information.

Answer the three most important questions employers have: Can you either make or save them money? Are you innovative? Do you have the skills necessary to do the job?

The secret to a great resume, says Kathy Sweeney, president of The Write Resume, a Phoenix-area resume writing and career consulting firm, is to think of it as product packaging or a 30-second commercial about you.

Be sure the "profile" section at the top of your resume details your core competencies. For instance, an accountant might have the words "accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger and financial statements" in her profile.

Recruiters want to see a good mix of duties and accomplishments. Illustrate where you have increased revenue or decreased costs. It's best to use numbers, whether it's dollar figures or percentages.

Instead of writing "responsible for" and then listing what you did in a certain position, quantify your employment history in ways that focus not only on what you did, but how well you did it.

For example, instead of "Responsible for managing marketing," say, "Launched a marketing initiative that resulted in a 40 percent increase in sales and improved customer services."

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