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Airline and Aviation Industry Resumes & Interview Prep

Airline & Aviation Industry Resumes - Pilots, Flight Attendants, Maintenance Technicians, Dispatchers, Customer Service Representative, and Corporate Manager / Executive Resume Writing and Interview Prep

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The airline / aviation industry is very unique in their hiring process. Having hired airline industry personnel, including Pilots, Flight Attendants, Ramp Maintenance Technicians, and Customer Service professionals, as well as corporate office personnel for a major airline, Ms. Sweeney specializes in this field. Her expertise in the airline / aviation industry spans 16 years - not only in hiring, but having worked all aspects of the corporate and frontline structure. Her experience will make your aviation resume a winner!

Ms. Sweeney has an inside track to both corporate operators and airlines, along with resources that can help you to be successful. Whether you are just starting out in the airline / aviation industry or looking to advance your career, Ms. Sweeney will provide insight and guidance into the appropriate path for your specific situation.

Your investment in your career includes:

  • A thorough one-hour telephone consultation where we get to know you and your career goals.
  • A uniquely designed resume with your specific qualifications and accomplishments - no templates!
  • A follow-up phone call for revisions.
  • Your resume in Word or .pdf format for instant use!
  • A 100% guarantee! If you do not receive an interview within 60 days, we will rewrite your resume FREE!

Here is what our satisfied aviation clients have to say..

Pilot Resumes

"I just wanted to thank you one more time for your help in getting me started with my civilian aviation career. I started looking instantly upon receiving your final copy and just updated hours as I went and believe it or not I only got to send it to two companies before I was hired. They like the format and I have been working there since. Again thanks and I have told all my retiring military friends about your service." G.S., Corporate Pilot - Fayetteville, NC

"I had tried for two years to get on with Horizon and a Medevac operation with no luck. I sent the new resume to both companies. Within two weeks, I got the Medevac job and six weeks later Horizon called. I interviewed at Horizon and got a right seat in the jet. I now realize why all the pilots come to you to get their resume done. I know I am a believer now, too!" T.S., Horizon First Officer, Portland, OR

"I'm so glad I had you do my resume. My friend walked my resume into Air Tran and they were so impressed. I got a call two days later, interviewed and got the job. Thanks for all your help." D.H., Air Tran First Officer, Atlanta, GA

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Flight Attendant Resumes

"America West called yesterday and offered me a job as a Flight Attendant! Thanks for all your help with the resume and interview preparation!!! Feel free to use my name as a testimony for your business. I'm sure I have this job because of you." A.S., Flight Attendant, Biloxi, MS

"After 10 years at Piedmont as a Flight Attendant, I knew it was time to get out before the doors shut on me. I took my new resume to the Jet Blue interview and the information on how to interview with confidence. Jet Blue called me this morning and offered me the job. I'm so excited! Thanks so much for your help!" T.J., Jet Blue Flight Attendant, Orlando, FL

Click on the link for more information on Flight Attendant / Customer Service Representative resumes

Aircraft Maintenance Technician resumes

"I had to write you this email to thank you for the great job you did on my resume. You knew exactly what I was talking about even though you aren't a Maintenance Tech. I interviewed with Southwest last week and they just called to offer me the job. Thanks again for helping me get on with a great company!" S.B., Southwest Airlines Maintenance Technician, Phoenix, AZ

Click on the link for more information on Aircraft Maintenance Technician resumes

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